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     Have you ever hosted a party or a celebration of some sort and been so busy preparing food and taking care of things that you realized afterwards that something was missing? Everyone was socializing and having a good time reuniting and catching up with others, and then you find out that there were only a few photos taken.  Anniversary Celebrations, birthday, retirement, Class and Family reunions, graduations, and any other time where family and friends gather for a special occasion. These are occasions that may never happen again. Wouldn't it be nice to have a photo of everyone together? Not just a snapshots taken with someones phone, but professional photographs? There IS a difference. Michael Photography offers packages by hours of coverage. Candid shots are taken along with any groupings. We handle capturing the memories while you and your guests are making them. The Digital files are included. We can print any images at an additional cost.


2 hours.......$275

3 hours.......$325

4 hours.......$475


Images are delied in digital format. Photographic printsbooks, albums, and enlargements are avilable for purchase if de

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