Tapes to Digital

Preserve your old tapes to CD/DVD/USB digital format so you can continue to enjoy them for the future, and also have something to pass down to future generations. Do not get stuck with the likes of 8mm movie film, 8 track, and reel to reel audio tapes. Having a digital format makes it much easier to move to new formats in the future.


We have the capability to transfer your VHS video tapes to a DVD. This is a service that is needed as video players are quickly becoming obsolete. We can only do this conversion from VHS format.


$10 per 2 hour tape.




We can also transfer audio cassette tapes to CD or your flash drive, as cassette tape players are also becoming obsolete. Each song will be a separate track on the CD.


$12 per cassette.

usb drive is + cost of drive.