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Having Senior Portraits taken is a once in a lifetime experience! We want this to be an awesome experience.

This is about capturing the real "YOU", in your "TRUE SENSE", as you are, at this stage of your life.

Proper posing, lighting, and backgrounds are essential in quality photography. This requires more than a fancy phone or nice camera. It takes a skill. Good senior pictures are not the same as snapshots or pictures taken by mom, a friend, or Uncle Bob. Senior Pictures should be a high quality product. You want the best. This is what we produce.  Michael goes beyond your expectations to produce some awesome senior pictures that you will love!  We have an actual indoor studio for taking yearbook and other indoor photos as well as outdoor ones. We know where to go for some great location shots. WE CREATE images. Most others take snapshots. There IS a difference!  Compare our quality!   Compare our style!   Compare our prices!   Compare what we have to offer you!   Our value is exceptional!   What you get for your money is just as important as how much you spend.  No worries!   You will find our prices to be very reasonable, and we guarantee that you WILL like your images! You will be able to just relax and have a great time while you are being photographed by someone who loves his job! Just be yourself. You've worked 12 years for this time of your life. Sit back and relax while you browse through some of the images on our website.  Variety is a good thing.

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Click this  Download Link  for our brochure. Call today to schedule a FREE personal consultation! Nothing to lose, but much to gain!


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