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Mike and Tess

I'm Michael, with my wonderful wife Teresa.  I am often asked what got me into this profession. My answer is pretty simple. After the lackluster "experience" of having my own senior pictures taken, and then a few years later having wedding pictures taken, I said "I can do it better!" Like so many others have done and are now doing, I bought equipment and was having fun taking nice pictures for other people. That year was 1983. After I had enrolled in and entered the doors of the Winona School of Professional Photography in Chicago, Illinois on Jan 14, 1990 did I truly view photography as an "art" form. The camera is nothing more than one of the tools that are used to record what I envision in my mind. After walking down the hallways looking at walls covered with beautiful photographs, I realized the direction I wanted to go with my photography. Proper posing, lighting, composition, communication with the client, ... all make a difference in the final product. The burning desire.....the passion... the drive .....to become better at this profession had only just begun. Create unique and special images. Capture the memories...for you, your family, & your friends. THIS is what I do.

I am the primary photographer. Photography is not just a profession, but also what I really enjoy doing. Some might describe it as being "in my blood"... Always looking for just one more image to take.


I am a FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot.


We use only top quality products.


I study and train to produce the highest quality images for our clients.


I invest in professional grade cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and software.


We treat every client to be our best client, and to not only be our client, but a friend.


We have a real studio that clients can come to, and our business is registered with Genesee County, and also with the State of Michigan. I am a Professional Photographer, who produces a quality product, at an affordable price. Seminars and conventions are constantly attended in order to keep abreast of new trends and technology. Many of our images have received numerous awards from the Professional Photographers of America and Senior Photographers International, along with our photography labs' annual wedding image contest. But, our success is not about how many ribbons and awards we have received (which are many). Our success has come about because of continually striving to please our clients! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read about my business, and what I have to personally offer you. Schedule a session. You will be glad you came to us!

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Mike and Tess
Mike and Tess